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Hello and welcome to my brand new family photography website!  I am Tami Melissa, and I am your premier south jersey family photographer!  While yes, this is a brand new website, I am no stranger to the photography industry!

South Jersey Family Photographer

How It All Started

The year 2008 seems like a lifetime ago. It was that year that I had one of those serendipitous moments that would change the course of my life!  My childhood best friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. The wedding was located in Charleston, South Carolina.  This wedding was the first one I had ever been a part of.  It was also the first time I’d ever experienced professional photographers.  The photographers were a husband and wife team, and they gave us such a fun experience!

At that time, Ryan and I were freshly engaged, and I was in my senior year of College at Rowan University. I was majoring in Business & Human Resource Management. So, obviously, when the feeling hit me, “OMG I need to do that!”, I also immediately shut it down.  My future was already planned.  Human Resources was my career path, and I would sit in a cubicle and lead a boring, introverted life. While growing up, I was always the kid with the camera and loved taking photos.  However, I never thought I could do anything with it.  Ryan talked me into pursuing the dream that I didn’t know I had, and I thank God every day that he did!

A Dream Come True!

That summer of 2008, I started Tami Melissa Photography!  TMP started out initially as a south jersey family photographer, but quickly became a wedding photographer, with Ryan as my second shooter!  Ryan and I were planning our wedding at the time, plus all of our friends were getting married, so it made sense!  So many of our friends gave us a chance, and because of that, our business grew so much, year after year!

In 2014, we added a DBA to Tami Melissa Photography. It was then that Tami & Ryan Photography, a husband and wife photography team was created!  Tami & Ryan Photography is a luxury wedding photography team, for couples who believe that love is one of life’s greatest adventures!  While capturing weddings, I was still capturing dozens of families each year as well!  Since having kids, my heart has grown so much, and I love capturing families just as much as I love capturing weddings!  It’s a different kind of love, a mother’s love.  So, while Tami & Ryan is still going strong, I wanted a special place to showcase my family photography as well!

2021 A Year of New Beginnings!

So, now is the re-birth of Tami Melissa Photography!  South Jersey Family Photography, documenting playful and heartfelt moments for joyful families! The goal of every photography session is for each family to have a fun experience during our time together!  As a mother of two, I know how crazy it can be to get my children (and spouse.. haha!) to cooperate!  By making your session a little less formal, and a little more based on the interaction of you as a family, I am able to capture more genuine moments.  Yes, we will take photos smiling at the camera, but my favorite moments to capture are the unscripted ones.  The ones that you look at, and make you feel something deep within.

I can’t wait to meet you and be your South Jersey Family Photographer!

Here is a favorite photo of my family, taken by my best friend Caitlin!

south jersey family photographer

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