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The warm summer sun beats down from above, and the smell of sunflowers surrounds you.  On a cool winter day like today, that makes my heart beat faster in anticipation of a beautiful summer ahead! If that sounds like a dream to you, then these Sunflower mini sessions at Turkey Trac Farms from last summer will surely do the trick to warm you up!  Turkey Trac Farms is a family owned and operated wedding & event barn venue and working hay farm in South Jersey!  Each year, the owner chooses some amazing flowers to plant on her farm!  I am partial to sunflowers, but really, any flowers will make my heart happy!

Sunflower Mini Sessions

The Engel Family

What a joy – from capturing their wedding to becoming friends, and now getting to watch our kids grow up together!  I am so thankful for this amazing family!

The Scheuren Family

Another amazing family that I’ve gotten to know over the years!  From capturing their wedding, to now their kiddos – who are so cute and complete hams!


What a cutie!!  I absolutely loved chasing Scarlett around the Sunflowers!

The Buscio Family

I am overjoyed and so lucky to get to capture so many amazing moments for such a dear friend and her family!

The Husta Family

Meeting the Husta Family was so awesome!  Little Mason was a tough cookie, but I eventually got a smile out of him!!

The Bellace Family

This was such a sweet little couples session for Denise and Bruce without their kiddos!!  It’s ok to have some photos of just you and your love!

The Hartman Family

How cute of a family are the Hartman’s?! Their boys with those blue eyes are sure to be heartbreakers in the future!

The Perez Family

Little Miss Mila – This girl has so much sass and so much love in her heart!  I absolutely adore her parents too!  Jess is the owner of Your Day Your Way Traveling Hair & Makeup and she is highly recommended!!

The Kucenski Family

Little Man Jackson may have started our shy, but with Mom & Dad signing Trolls songs, we were sure to get a smile out of him!!

The Torres Family

You know how social media makes if feel like you know someone even though you’ve never met them in real life?!  That is what it was like when I met Jena Rae for the first time!  I’ve followed her for years because she has a successful newborn photography business, and gosh she is the sweetest!!

If you’d be interested in Sunflower sessions this summer, don’t hesitate to Contact me for more info!